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Paul and Pam Harragon: 9 tips for raising teens

It’s one of the biggest challenges you’ll probably face as parents – the teen years. It can feel like overnight your angelic child turns into a hormone-fuelled, emotional young adult; you’re left wishing you could trade the moody minor for a tantrum-throwing tearful toddler. After seeing the close bond between Paul Harragon and his son Daniel who joined him on the trek to Everest Base Camp with the Mark Hughes Foundation last year, we sat down with The Chief

Paul Harragon: ‘How I stay fit during winter’

When it comes to sticking to a training regime, there’s never a tougher time than during the winter months. The wind is icy, the mornings are dark and most of us would much rather be home curled up with a good book or the latest Netflix series. So, how do you keep fit come June? For fitness and motivational advice, you can’t beat Paul Harragon who reckons winter is by far the toughest time to keep healthy. “Your willpower will get tested on